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According to Google, developing effective teams boils down to only two things that team leaders need to do.

In an editorial in the May issue of Nurse Management, editor Rosanne Raso, RN, said that Google research into leadership and effective teams has found that there are only two "essential attributes" of successful teams:

  1. All team members have equal time to speak up
  2. The team is socially sensitive to its members

There have been lots and lots of materials written about what makes for effective teams, and Google research says the most important factors boil down to those two points.

Of course, making those two things happen in a team takes a lot of skill on the part of team leaders... and it's not that simple.

But, still, boiling it down to those two items can certainly give caregiving team leaders something to think about and perhaps concentrate on.

You can read Raso's entire column... where she gets into much more detail about team leadership in the nursing environment... by clicking here.

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