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Computerized "virtual reality" gives nurses realistic practice in new teaching technology developed at Boise State University, in Idaho

The Boise State nursing program says it is developing a nurse-training program that "looks like a scene straight out of a sci-fi movie." And that it will likely cause major changes and improvements in nursing education in the future.

The program uses wearable virtual reality technology that makes it look like students are seeing and touching actual objects... and all in a computerized "virtual" environment.

One example Boise educators gave was practicing catheter insertion. Using the virtual reality program makes it look like the students are actually inserting a catheter in a real patient... and they can practice it over and over again until they're much more proficient at doing it in real life. Students report that it makes learning much more fun and easier... and that it's very realistic.

You can read more about the hi-tech future ahead for nursing education by clicking on this article in the Idaho Statesman newsletter.

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