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New nursing home regulations proposed

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has published in the Federal Register a long list of proposed regulations for nursing homes involving many aspects of long-term care.

In this list is a proposal for much more emphasis on person-centered care, including new regulations for the increased involvement and training of CNAs in person-centered care.

One of their proposals is that each nursing home form an “interdisciplinary team” (IDT) that would be responsible for developing a comprehensive care plan for each resident, with emphasis on person centered care planning.

These new proposed regulations require that Nurse Aides be a part of this team.

“This proposal seeks to improve resident satisfaction and encourage facilities to operate in a person-centered fashion that addresses resident choice and preferences,” says the CMS.

The comment period for these proposed regulations ended in mid-October, and they’re now being analyzed by the CMS.

What’s the bottom-line here?

Some things about these proposed regulations are worth noting:

looks like this is a core future of long-term caregiving, and CNAs will be an important part of it!

And there’s a good reason for all this: Research clearly shows that your elders do much better with person-centered care. They’ll be happier, have a much-improved quality of life, be less depressed, and feel much better about themselves!

CNAs at the center of it all

There’s a good reason why CNAs are considered to be so important in implementing a person-centered caregiving program. Here’s what they say in their proposal:

“Nurse Aides spend much of their time interacting directly with the residents providing them day-to-day care. Their knowledge of a resident care plan and medical needs directly relates to how well they can care for a resident.”

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