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Alzheimer's Care Guide

An educational publication to help you with the challenges of Alzheimer's Care!

Alzheimer's Care Guide
Alzheimer's Care Guide

An every-other-month educational/training poublication that keeps your caregivers up-to-date on the latest, evidence-based, information about caring for elders with Alzheimer's disease, and featuring education and training based on the new CMS Quality and Culture Change initiatives!

✓ A CNA Inservice with quiz, on a key topic involving Alzheimer's caregiving!

✓ Articles for free CEU Credits with the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners!

✓ Trainging and education on new research-proven congnitive therapy programs, how to solve common problems and challenges, such as eating problems, wandering, aggression, sundowning and more!

Now includes many ready-to-go activites!

ready-to-use activities for your elders

Includes ready-to-use Activities for your elders: All kinds of puzzles, party ideas, therapeutic activities, reminiscence, missing word and more!

Alzheimer's Care
Comes with many easy-to-use activities specifically for Alzheimer's elders

Only $65/year!

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Latest effective Alzheimer's caregiving, with questions and answers.
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