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Welcome to the Care4Elders

Caregiver forum!

This forum is especially designed to be a valuable help and information source for those who are caring for elders.

People Who Care for the elderly

It's your forum! Use it as often as you want to get any kind of help from other caregivers, experts, and so on.

It can place you in instant contact with other caregivers out there who can help you with problems, give friendly advice, guide you in your career... and more!

Here are some general guidelines, and information:

  1. You'll need to register, but your personal information, including your email address, will not be posted with your messages.
  2. Please use the site with good manners and a helpful, friendly attitude! We will not tolerate any kind of nastiness, hateful comments, defamatory statements, commercial advertisements, and that sort of thing.
  3. Note that your posts will be temporarily held until approved by a Board Manager... so don't waste our time, or yours, in attempting send inappropriate posts!
  4. Do not use personal names, or any other identifying factors when mentioning elders. This is against HIPPA law! Refer to them in general terms.
  5. lso, do not identify any other persons specifically, or your facility or other specific location, in your posts. Refer to them in general terms.
  6. Do be as helpful and supportive as possible in everything you post online. Your co-workers are depending on you to help them with their problems.
They need your support!


Use your forum often to get help, get answers to your vexing questions, find new friends, make new contacts, and help your career in the challenging, and rewarding, profession of caring for elders!

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