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Nurse Aide/VIP Subscription
Nurse Aide/VIP Subscription

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✓ Plus, each issue is packed with news and educational articles on the latest in evidence-based caregiving, including basic caregiving skills, personal improvement, teamwork, elder abuse, preventing pressure ulcers, cultural awareness, dementia care.

✓ Special section on Personal Improvement and Interpersonal Relations... including Customer Care... the hot new caregiving improvement area!

✓ New! Ongoing special articles with training on how to better comply with the CMS Quality Measures rules, which are getting increased CMS attention and enforcement!

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2016 Inservice training topics with Q&A

January. Person-Centered Care. The basics of person-centered care. Why person-centered care is important for your elders and is an important part of CNA caregiving, what the CMS requires.

February. Conducting grooming, bathing, dental care and other personal care successfully. The latest evidence-based techniques that prevent aggressive behavior. How to make them more favorable for your elders.

March. The CMS Quality Measures. Why they're extremely important to the welfare of your elders, and how to comply with them for the benefi t of your elders.

April. Preventing behavioral problems. Common behavioral problems and how to prevent and resolve them. The latest 2016 evidence based strategies that are proven to work.

May. Successful daily activities for your Alzheimer's elders. Simple techniques to get them involved in activities; how to conduct them for maximum benefi t for all stages of Alzheimer's; the proven benefi ts of diff erent types of activities.

June. The importance of CNA observations skills. What you should be looking for. Spotting pain and other problems in your elders. Watching your diabetic elders. Good record keeping. More.

July. Preventing falls. The newest 2016 recommendations for preventing falls. Special tips for Alzheimer's elders.

August. How to successfully interact with your Alzheimer's elders. How to listen and respond in the various stages of Alzheimer's. Preventing problem behaviors with special interactions. Interactions that improve their wellbeing.

September. The latest 2016 research on preventing pressure ulcers. Why pressure ulcers are so dangerous to your elders. Simple techniques that work.

October. Successful teamwork. How to be a valuable team member. Tips for relating successfully to your co-workers. Why it's important for each CNA to be an eff ective team member.

November. How to assist your elders with eating. Making the dining experience successful for your elders.

December. Infection control. The newest recommendations from the CDC. Preventing catheter infections.

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