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Thanks to Covid, it’s a new world out there for frontline caregivers!

And 16-page Nurse Aide Monthly is your No. 1 training publication to bring all these new caregiving ideas successfully to your caregivers!

The Covid pandemic has taught us a major lesson about caregiving in longterm care:

Isolation can be deadly for your elders. Regular human contact can be as important to their health and wellbeing as their meds!

Many experts now report that this will result in major changes in caregiving… with CNAs right at the center of it all… as more social interactions and person-centeredness will be the norm of the future.

Nurse Aide has been published for over 30 years, and we’ve always kept your frontline caregivers at the forefront of the latest caregiving training!

So now, we’ll be giving your frontline caregivers new education on the caregiving of the future, with emphasis on person-centered care, elder socialization, the basics of attentive care, and much more!

And, of course, we’ll still Include our usual monthly training article and quiz over required CMS topics!

Great education for your newer hires!

Helps prepare new hires for the challenges of caregiving, so they’ll know what’s really required of them. (Helps reduce new-job stress!)

Keeps everyone updated…

Helps keep every caregiver up- to- date on the rapidly changing expectations and requirements for the caregiving profession.

Because of Covid, nothing is going to be quite the same… and Nurse Aide will keep your caregivers constantly informed about the “new world of caregiving” that’s coming on fast! Every month!

This is your location for all types of information and education for caregivers of elders.

It includes information and products for nurses, CNAs and other caregivers in nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals physician offices and at-home.… most anyone caring for our seniors.

Topics include COVID, elder activities, Alzheimer’s care, self-help, telehealth, finances, recreation, mental health, and much more.

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–Monthly training article with Quiz!
–Several pages of caregiving training on: Alzheimer’s care, problem behaviors, activities, preventing pressure ulcers, daily caring, regs and more.
–Caregiving tips (providing the attentive care of the future that your elders will thrive on): socialization, elder-centering, comfort care, socializing activities and more!
–Personal improvement topics to help your caregivers successfully cope with the challenges of caregiving: reducing stress, caregiver ethics, teambuilding, getting along with others, personal caregiving skills, and more!

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