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Eldercare skills multi topic

  • Eldercare Skills multi-topic training newsletter

This is a multipage newsletter that includes:

1. A major Inservice topic with quiz.
2. Plus: Several pages of additional frontline caregiving topics and tips, emphasizing the importance of compassionate elder-centered care. The additional topics help round-out your caregiver training, making them more confident and effective. Helps them realize the importance of their job! Only $12 each.

  • Individual Topic Modules

    These are 1-hour training articles, with quiz, and pertaining to just one required inservice training topic. Includes a set of PowerPoint slides. Only $10 each.

Show your caregivers how
important they are!

Give them important new skills!

Training in compassionate, person-centered caregiving skills!

They give you more!

Elder-centered inservice training modules for CNAs and other frontline caregivers!

What are they? 1-hour inservice training articles, with quiz, that features required topics for CNAs and other frontline caregivers.

What makes them different? They’re different because… in addition to the basics… they emphasize something that’s often left out of regular training: the huge importance of elder-centered compassionate care!

Why is this important? The disastrous isolation that many elders suffered during the pandemic taught us that attentive, compassionate elder-centered care is vitally important to the welfare of the elders under your care!

Is this supported by research? Yes! Several evidence-based research studies clearly show that this kind of attentive care is critical… and in some cases may even be as valuable to an elder’s wellbeing as their meds!

Will they be valuable for your training program? Yes! The wide range of important topics, plus handy discussion questions, make for easy, ready-to-go training sessions!

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A multipage training newsletter with an Inservice topic and quiz PLUS, caregiving skills updates on several other topic areas!
Required and important Inservice topics, with quiz!

Eldercare Skills
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Single Topic Modules
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