(Reprinted from the February issue of Nurse Aide/Monthly)

Fact is, the Covid pandemic will only stop when enough people have immunity to the virus to stop it from spreading. This is called “herd immunity.”
No one knows for sure how many people this requires with Covid.
But with other diseases it can be around 60% of the population up to over 90% for those diseases that are highly contagious.
And there are only two ways for people to get immunity to the virus:
1. Vaccination
2. By getting the disease itself
So, basically, you have these two choices. You can either get the vaccine, or risk getting the disease yourself.
Getting the disease has huge risks for you. It can cause death, or longterm damage to organs in your body, such as the lungs and heart.
Not only that, but if you catch it, you can spread it to others, including your elders, family members and friends. And the CDC says the vaccine is safe.

“Covid vaccines are safe and effective, says the agency. ” Millions of people in the United States have received COVID-19 vaccines, and these vaccines have undergone the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S.history.”   Here’s what Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO (the company who is producing one of the vaccines) says

“If you don’t take the vaccine, you are becoming the weak link that allows this virus to replicate. So please think twice before you make such a decision. And don’t let fear get in the way.”   Bottomline: Help stop this pandemic in its tracks. Get your vaccine. Protect yourself, your elders and your family.

A Covid Vaccine is coming, and CDC asks that you sign up for their vaccine “Partnership Program” in order to get it most efficiently at your longterm care facility.

The CDC is partnering with pharmacies to bring the vaccine to your longterm care facility.
The agency is requesting that you sign up for their  Covid “Pharmacy Partnership for Longterm Care Program” to make sure you get the vaccine as soon as possible. The CDC says it will send your signup information to your local Walgreens or CVS pharmacies… who are the ones who will be distributing the vaccine… and they will then get in contact with you to arrange delivery.
The CDC says it is possible that caregivers will get the vaccine before their elders, and emphasizes that  “we strongly encourage staff to be vaccinated as soon as they are eligible.”              To learn more about signing up go here: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/long-term-care/pharmacy-partnerships.html (Article reprinted from the Jan issue of Nurse Aide/VIP.)