The following was reprinted from the October 2021 issue of Nurse Aide Monthly:

Get the shot… it’s part of all caregivers’ ethical responsibilities!

   There is much discussion going on relative to caregiver ethics and the Covid vaccination. Some say it’s an ethical requirement to get the shot, others say it’s not.
   But, like it or not, here’s the bottomline: Caregivers are in a very special profession. And that’s because others are depending on them for their health, wellbeing… and even their lives.
   This makes them special. This makes it very clear that… whether they like it or not… it’s their ethical responsibility to get the shot, in order to protect the elders in their care.
   There continue to be instances whereby unvaccinated caregivers take the virus into their facilities and cause elders to get sick, and some even die.
   This is just flat-out unacceptable if you want to accept the responsibilities that go with caregiving.
   You might not like it, but it’s clearly one of the sacrifices you need to make to be a caregiver.
   “Do no harm is a core ethic for all those who care for the sick and injured. I think that physicians and, frankly, all those working in the health care system, have a fundamental obligation to patients by getting vaccinated for preventable diseases such as COVID 19,” said Audiey Kao, MD, PhD, the American Medical Association’s vice president of ethics.
   Certainly, you do not want to be responsible for the sickness or death or any of the elders under your care, when they’re depending on you for their health and wellbeing. Right?
   Bottomline… it’s part of your professional ethics and responsibility to the elders under your care to get vaccinated!