Therapeutic Alzheimer’s Activities: 2nd Edition



145 pages of activities for all stages of Alzheimer’s disease! And all are evidence-based!

√ 145 pages in a ring-bound manual!
√ Over 200 activities and variations,
√ Activities are conveniently segmented according to the different stages of Alzheimer’s disease!
√ Cognitive, Sensory-stimulation, Music, Exercise, Spiritual, Computer, Men, Sensory Room, Gardening, Normalization, Com-munity, Intergenerational, Psychosocial and Art and Pet Therapy activities.
√ Includes all types of activities: simple one-on-one sessions, party, reminiscence, special occasion, outdoor, exercise, and more!
√ Recommendations and guidance on how to develop individualized, person-centered programs in accordance with the new F-248 activities guidelines!
√ A special section with interventions for aggression, wandering, delusions, apathy, rummaging, anxiety and disruptive vocal-izations to help you meet the requirements of the new CMS’s Psychosocial Outcome Severity Guide (POSG).
√ Adaptations for Alzheimer’s elders with physical disabilities and/or diseases, including wheelchair users and persons with hearing or sight impairments, as now required by the CMS.

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